Five Brothers: Family Values
Through The Woods
Join Falcon Exclusive Pierre Fitch as a not-so-innocent modern-day Little Red Riding Hood who meets his match in Falcon Exclusive Gus Mattox as the big bad wolf. Along the way he has steamy encounters with his horny and hung roommate, three dirty little sex pigs in a cabin, a hot-to-fuck blond woodsman and a few other characters. Before leaving for his trek to Grandma's house, Pierre must take a deep-dicking from his well-endowed roommate D.C. Chandler. Hitchhiking, he's picked up by Mr. Wolf (Gus Mattox), who can't wait to tell him a story from his school. Four bad-boy students must get punished by Gus: Marcus Allen, Barrett Long, Andrew Rubio and Nate Alexander. After paddling their bare asses, they quickly start sucking and fucking each other the second their cocks get hard. Pierre jumps out of Mr. Wolf's car and runs into Tristan Adonis, who offers him a ride. Instead of giving him a ride with his car, Tristan gives Pierre's bubble butt the ride of its life. Tired from all the traveling, Pierre ducks into a house looking to catch a nap. Inside, he spies Jason Adonis, Collin O'Neal and Bobby Williams having a circle jerk which quickly turns into an all-out orgy. When he finally arrives at Grandma's house, Pierre finds she's been taken by Mr. Wolf (Gus Mattox). Gus finally gets a crack at Pierre's legendary ass in the spectacular finale.